Hibiscus Sabdariffa. Also called Cranberry Hibiscus, Florida Cranberry, and Sorrel. This tall, lush plant will grow to between 5-8 feet in height. Very dramatic looking with green leaves, reddish stems, and large white flowers. All of the plant is edible and the greens have a natural lemony flavor that pairs well with fish or chicken. The flowers produce a cranberry like fruit that can be dried and used in baking or teas. It also has a natural pectin for jam making and produces an excellent red wine. It also has medicinal uses. Grows easily once established and is heat and drought tolerant. Is an annual plant and will die in the fall shortly after fruiting. Very easily started from seed. Market pickup only.

Roselle Plant

  • All plants are shipped bare root and ready for planting. Please plant in a high quality soil as soon as possibly upon arrival and water immedietly. Do not allow plants to sit in a hot mail box or post office for any length of time.

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