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Today was a typical Saturday around here, but maybe not typical for everyone so I though I would put it up here.

First off Saturday’s are a big yard day for us, so most of it is usually spent laying out garden beds, tilling, weeding, stuff like that. Every couple of Saturdays is a road trip day to pick up hay or a run to Tractor Supply in the next town over. Today was the best kind of Saturday, a few chores to do, but but not a huge rush to do them and a lot of neighbors hanging around.

My husband had to work today, so I was left with the three kids. We fed the animals, got eggs, cleaned the house, did the usual stuff. The cows were mooing like crazy so I went to check and they were out of hay?!? I really hate when that happens and I am home alone. We usually buy the round bales in bulk but when I went to check on that, we were out too. My husband had the truck for the day so the best I could manage was to pack the kids in the car and run to the feed store for a few square bales to get us through the weekend. It kills me to do that. One round bale costs $40.00 and last a month. One square bale costs $7.00 and last a day. It really costs us money not to be around here full time.

Anyway, I still had a few more vegetable seedlings that needed to go in the ground, so we finished off building the last raised bed my husband had started and put the baby plants in. I pulled weeds in the back crop area for a few hours and gave the cows 2 wheelbarrow loads of the grass I pulled as a treat to make up for their late breakfast.

We took a break for lunch but by then the neighbor boy and his dad were up wanting to know if my boys wanted to go fishing in the lake across the street. That took 30 minutes to get the poles out of the shed, untangled, and baited with lures and weights. I finally got back to work when another neighbor showed up with her daughter who wanted to come play. We walked over to the lake to find the boys and found another family already over there with their kids.

By now the chores were put on hold, the kids were running everywhere and the older boys had unhooked a pontoon boat still tied to the dock and drifted about 20 feet out into the lake which gave them the “illusion” of fishing independence. We all stood around talking and playing with my neighbor’s new baby goat when another neighbor came over to show us his new antique Russian military rifle. The thing was as tall as he was and had a bayonet attached (too cool!). He shot it off a few times and the kids snatched up the casings. (Huge bullets, twice as long as a shotgun pellet and half as thin).

We all stood around talking for an hour or so until the kids all drifted off to each others houses. One of my kids went to the neighbor’s and I inherited another neighbor’s kid. I did mange to finish getting my plants in the ground, run the sprinklers and take a shower.

I had some people coming at 5:00 to tour our place, so I had to hang around here even though we had run out of water balloons and that was turning into a yard emergency. It was a great tour though, they loved our place, we liked them.

Trip to the dollar store for more water balloons and some glow sticks. Hubby was home now with a rented cherry picker to get the moss off our oak trees over the weekend. He had rented it for a job and so we had it free until Monday when he had to give it back. We let the kids take turns going 50 feet up while I made dinner. Water balloons are so much more impressive when dropped from this height on your siblings than simply thrown at them.

Dinner was steak, homegrown salad and garden potatoes. They played tag in the dark with glow sticks.

We work very, very hard for what we have here and sometimes I still don’t feel as if we deserve it.

#frugal #farmlife #sustainable #farming #family

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