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Greens for Days

Heads up all my fellow lazy gardeners because I think I may have finally found the perfect green. Right now I am in love with Okinawa Spinach (its fancier name is Gynura Crepiodes). This plant ticks all the boxes. It grows like a weed. It looks so beautiful growing it can be used as an ornamental. It tastes great. It grows 12 months out of the year. It is easy to propagate. It is even well suited to indoor or container gardening. Ready to learn more? Then read on….


Unlike a lot of other easy to grow “spinach” plants, Okinawa actually tastes good. It lacks the slimy, okra like texture of the malabar (unless you reeeally overcook it), the tastelessness of tree spinach, and the small growing window of traditional spinach. It has a rich almost nutty flavor that tastes great lightly stir fried with a bit of garlic. You can toss it raw in salads or juice it.The red variety contains the same beneficial properties as red wine and has been proven effective in reducing cholesterol levels as well as prescription medications. Other medicinal uses include: increasing white blood cell counts, lowering triglycerides, burning fat, easing the common cold, and treating liver diseases.

Once again, a whole lot to get in return from a plant that asks very little from you. If you haven’t discovered this wonderful plant yet, I strongly suggest you do.

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