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Help and Resources

Our mission is to help people learn to love growing their own food. If you are just starting out, here are some resources to help you along.

Zone Hardiness Map

Knowing what zone you are growing in is one of the first and most important steps in planning your garden. Different states are mapped into planting zones that tell you what you can plant where you live.

Planting seeds outside their natural zone puts stress on the plant and makes it weaker against pests and the weather. 

The zones are usually posted on plants and seed packets when you purchase them to help you make the correct selection. The majority of the seeds we sell are for zone 9-10

Click to View Zone Hardiness Map

Gardening Schedules for Florida

Growing in Florida is completely different than in the Northern states. A huge key to success is not only choosing the right variety of seed, but knowing when to put it in the ground.

We have put together some planting schedules to make things a little easier.

Click to View Gardening Schedules

How to Grow it

Here are some basic tips on growing common herbs and vegetables. Click on the links below for more specific information.

How to Grow Herbs

How to Grow Vegetables

How to Grow Fruits

Help & Resources: Help & Resources
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