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Crispy Farms. Non-GMO Plants and seeds.

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Welcome to Crispy Farms!
At Crispy Farms we offer organically grown non-GMO  heirloom seed. All varieties are locally acclimated to a Southeastern climate and chosen for their abilities to withstand heat, drought, and common Southern pests. 
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At Crispy Farms we are committed to providing local gardeners with the tools they need to garden successfully in the South East. All of our seeds and plants have been hand selected based on their proven success at our own farm. Our heirloom seeds have been grown here for many years acclimating them and improving on their own natural pest and disease resistant abilities. 


Our plants and seeds are all grown using only certified organic products and sustainable methods. If you have any questions about our practices, just ask.

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Our seeds are sold through our online store. Our plants are sold at pop up locations throughout the year,

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